Zotec Partners’ Sarah Mountford Receives RBMA’s Global Achievement Award, Will Serve as RBMA Treasurer in 2016-2017

INDIANAPOLIS (May 3, 2016)  –  Zotec Partners (Zotec), the leading provider of radiology revenue cycle and practice management services, is pleased to announce that Sarah Mountford, a customer service manager with the company, has received a global achievement award from the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), where she will also serve as Board Treasurer for the years 2016/2017.

David J. Law, executive vice president of sales and marketing with Zotec says of Sarah Mountford’s appointment, “she represents the world-class caliber of people that Zotec employs in order to give the company’s radiology clients and their patients the best possible service experience and knowledge.” He adds, “Sarah has dedicated a lot of time and expertise to the RBMA during her tenure with Zotec, and the global achievement award is a well-deserved accomplishment.”

RBMA’s Executive Director, Michael Mabry, notes that Mountford’s contributions to the RBMA have been very valuable, stating, “Sarah Mountford is very qualified and has shown a strong commitment to the RBMA by serving on various committees and as a Board member over the years.” He adds, “The RBMA congratulates Ms. Mountford on her achievements, and we look forward to another year of great work with her in serving the radiology industry.”

Sarah Mountford says of the RBMA award and Board appointment, “I am honored that the RBMA selected me for the global achievement award, and I will continue to help the RBMA serve the radiology industry and meet its financial goals as Board Treasurer in 2016/17.”

Zotec is the largest radiology revenue cycle and practice management provider in the country, with more than 20 years in the radiology industry. It serves 35 of the nation’s top 100 radiology groups, including thousands of radiologists. Zotec integrates the best people, processes and technology for fast, accurate and compliant radiology reimbursement solutions. Zotec’s proprietary processes and technology manage in excess of 70 million medical encounters across all 50 states.


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