Zotec Partners’ Stacie Norris Appointed as Chairperson of National ACEP Committee Workgroup

Chair Seat Further Proves Zotec’s Continued Industry Commitment and Expertise

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – (October 3, 2016) – Zotec Partners, a national firm providing coding, billing and practice management services to emergency medicine practices and hospital-based physicians, announces that its Director of Coding and Quality Assurance, Stacie Norris, MBA, CPC, CCS-P has been appointed as chairperson to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Coding and Nomenclature Committee (CNAC) Workgroup 1. 

In her role, Ms. Norris will lead the CNAC committee workgroup in identifying and analyzing Medicare, Medicaid, and private payer claims processing policies that deviate from CPT principles and/or documentation guidelines and recommend strategic solutions. She will also work closely with ACEP committee members to track payer issues such as denials, rates, appeals, and pay for performance, as well as monitor the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC), and other audit activities, and react appropriately to issues affecting emergency medicine.

Uniquely positioning Zotec in the emergency medicine specialty, it is notable that Norris’ appointment as chairperson is typically not given to a non-physician member of ACEP. Ms. Norris is not the only Zotec professional who sits on the committees; Ronald Stunz, MD, FACEP, medical director with Zotec, was also appointed a member to the national ACEP CNAC and Reimbursement Committees, respectively, in 2016. Edward R. Gaines, JD, CCP, chief compliance officer in emergency medicine with Zotec, has been reappointed as chair for 2016-17 of the ACEP Reimbursement Committee, Workgroup 2, that focuses on private health plan reimbursement practices including the out of network (OON) and balance billing legislation.

Ed Gaines notes the company is excited that Stacie Norris has agreed to chair the national ACEP committee workgroup, and this exceptional volunteer activity continues a long tradition within the company of industry leadership. “Stacie being asked to chair the work group as a non-clinician is indeed rare and highlights her expertise in policy issues and how they relate to revenue cycle management.” He adds, “Stacie exemplifies the company’s commitment to the greater good for emergency medicine and further proves that its professionals are experienced and knowledgeable on the issues that directly impact physician reimbursement.”

According to Stacie Norris, one of Zotec’s primary goals is to assist ED physicians in meeting a gamut of documentation, quality, coding and payer audits with successful outcomes. She remarks, “The work within these ACEP Committees will create a positive impact in the field of emergency medicine and help physicians face ongoing reimbursement challenges and consistently educate them on policy-related changes.”

T. Scott Law, founder and CEO of Zotec Partners adds that Stacie’s research, interpretation and application of ED coding and reimbursement have been invaluable to Zotec’s clients as they appropriately code and document their reports for optimum reimbursement. “Together with Stacie and our emergency medicine team, Zotec Partners will continue to support ACEP in ways that bring value and shape physician performance and reimbursement in the specialty,” he says.

ACEP represents over 34,000 emergency physicians nationwide. It is well recognized within the multi-specialty societies as a leader in the areas of medical coding, documentation and reimbursement. It is a recent winner of the AMA CPT Educational Award given to the specialty society that provides outstanding educational resources and information for its members. Zotec Partners is proud to have supported ACEP’s educational mission for decades and on into the future.


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