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People are at the heart of Zotec.

We couldn’t be where we are today — at the forefront of innovation in our challenging, fast-moving industry — without each and every talented, passionate, unique member of the Zotec team.

Our clients trust us to provide superior technology solutions and service, and we honor their trust by seeking driven, inspired people to join our efforts. We celebrate a culture of collaboration, professional growth, holistic wellness, and community involvement that empowers every Zotec employee to be extraordinary.

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Workplace Perks and Benefits

We believe in taking care of those that take care of us.



Employee health is important to us. That’s why we provide a wide array of affordable health benefits for our employees and their families. In fact, we haven’t raised our employees’ premiums in over a decade.



We want to ensure financial comfort for people long after they retire from Zotec. That’s why we help them save for the future by offering a 401k plan with a generous employer match.



We give our employees the opportunity to take part in wellness programs, financial health education, and a 24/7 Employee Assistance Program that provides free, confidential resources on family matters, financial planning, and legal situations.



Giving back makes our communities better for everyone. Through the Zotec Effect program, our employees are granted Volunteer Time Off to partake in volunteer opportunities and will receive an employer match on their charitable giving. We also provide each employee with giving dollars to help them get started.


Work and Life.

We recognize that people have a life outside of work and that time with loved ones is essential. With PTO, paid holidays, and some remote work opportunities, we make it easy to live a balanced life.



We believe in a growth mindset and we encourage that for each and every employee. Zotec provides financial education assistance as well as learning and development opportunities.


At Zotec, we know our employees are extraordinary and they prove it every day – to each other, to our clients and to the community. They’ve got stories to tell, and we’re here to hold the mic for them. Go grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read more about our Zotec family!

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The Zotec Effect is a charitable giving and volunteer program which supports the efforts of Zotec employees to make life better for everyone around them. Zotec employees are free to give to the causes that mean the most to them, and Zotec will match up to $200 annually for qualifying charities. Those with enough volunteer hours can even earn bonus giving dollars in recognition of their generosity and compassion.

We know the greatest impact is made when we work together. Whether it’s for children or veterans, animals or the environment, Zotec employees create change, foster wellbeing, and spread happiness throughout their communities and the world.

A word from our employees

People are at the heart of Zotec. The passionate dedication of our team and the support we give to one another truly make our company a special place to work. Here’s how our employees feel about being a part of Team Zotec.

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We pride ourselves on loyalty to our customers – and to our team.

Alexis Boyd Project Analyst

At Zotec, we live by the 5 Ps:


We’re eager, we’re committed, and we care deeply about the work that we do and the clients we serve. We put our whole hearts into our mission.


Our people are team players who lift each other up and grow stronger together. Compassion, respect, and care drive all our interactions.


We pursue our goals with focus and ambition. When the going gets tough, the Zotec team becomes even more committed to achievement.


Even when we’re in the weeds, we keep one eye on the big picture. We value unique viewpoints, fresh ideas, and creative thinking.


We’re reliable, trustworthy, and consistent as individuals and as a company. Others can rest easy knowing we always do exactly what we say we will.

Become part of our story.

Our story began in 1998 when our CEO decided to take a risk and bring his vision to life, creating technology that helps doctors keep doing what they do best by healing patients. Since then, Zotec has grown to become one of the healthcare industry’s most innovative revenue cycle management companies. We won’t stop furthering our commitment to making choices that shape our industry and improve the healthcare financial experience for providers and patients. We’re always gazing at the horizon, ready and eager to challenge everyone we work with to think differently about healthcare.

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