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Meet some of our clients who we are proud to serve.

Case Studies

We did an early data analysis with Zotec Partners to prepare for negotiations of new reimbursement contracts when we merged groups. By doing so, we were able to renegotiate payer contracts right out of the gate, at the official legal onset of the merger by deploying the strategy that the “whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” and using a weighted average aggregate payer approach, we find that everyone is winning.

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Wayne Baldwin, CEO
California Managed Imaging

I feel like a kid in a candy store… Just makes me realize how much we’ve likely been leaving on the table for all these years. We’re so excited to be onboarded, and we’re looking forward to a successful RCM partnership for many years to come!

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Ian Gass, COO
Summit Radiology

The ability to have virtual, real-time access to our reports is huge for our business. Their data mining ability is outstanding, and when it comes to contract negotiations, it’s necessary. Our clients deserve the best care, and that’s where our focus and attention needs to be. Not worrying about back end functions is a huge benefit for not only our staff, but for our patients as well.

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Andrew K. Satz, M.D.
Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC