The Zotec Foundation

The Zotec Foundation

The Zotec Foundation, chaired by Zotec Partners Founder and CEO, T. Scott Law, is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporate foundation. We support non-profit organizations that prepare individuals for successful futures. Through strategic partnerships and programs, we are focused on making the future brighter for the at-risk youth of Indiana.

Zotec Foundation Vision

All underserved youth in Indiana deserve the opportunity to succeed. We believe the state of Indiana is better when these kids are cared for and able to use their talents and abilities to contribute to our society in a positive way.

The Zotec Foundation aspires to be a trusted supporter that our charitable partners, the youth we impact, and other local corporate supporters can count on to understand, participate and contribute to solutions.

The Zotec Foundation Core Values

  • Focus on the 5 P’s in all we do = People, Passion, Perspective, Predictability, Persistence
  • Seek effective solutions through innovative thinking
  • Make a measurable impact

Zotec Foundation News

Foster Success Creates Emergency Fund for Foster Youth – Fund Made Possible by The Zotec Foundation

INDIANAPOLIS – Foster Success has created an emergency fund to help older foster youth cope with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund is made possible thanks to an initial $10,000 grant from Carmel-based The Zotec Foundation.

“We had been looking into the possibility of starting an emergency fund when The Zotec Foundation contacted us,” said Foster Success President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Maggie Stevens. “Even a $40 grant to a young adult aging out of foster care can make all the difference during this difficult time. We are beyond grateful to The Zotec Foundation for taking immediate action to support Indiana’s foster youth.”

“Together, we are facing truly unprecedented times and the Foster Success emergency fund is critical to the health and well-being of our Indiana foster youth,” stated T. Scott Law, Chairman and CEO of The Zotec Foundation. “These individuals don’t have homes to go to when dorms close, or family support if they are furloughed from their jobs. We want them to know they are valued, appreciated and supported in the midst of this national crisis.”

For more information about The Zotec Foundation

Please contact Amy Waldron, Director, Foundation and Corporate Impact at

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