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Our management team of experts sets the way.


T. Scott Law
Founder and CEO
T. Scott Law, CPA is the Founder and CEO of Zotec Partners. Scott founded Zotec in 1998. His objective is to partner with healthcare providers and their patients across the country to simplify the business of healthcare and continually innovate the patient financial experience. Scott graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. He is a member of the Radiology Business Management Association, the Medical Group Management Association, and the American College of Radiology’s Radiology Leadership Institute. Scott is the Zotec Entrepreneur Executive in Residence with the Butler University Andre B. Lacy School of Business, where he also sits on the Dean’s Advisory Council. Scott can be reached at 317-705-5050 or slaw@zotecpartners.com.
Joey Cavanaugh, RN
Chief Operations Officer
Joey Cavanaugh, RN is the Chief Operations Officer with Zotec Partners. Joey has worked in the healthcare industry since 1987 and joined Zotec in 2005, continually embracing greater responsibility as an exceptional leader in operations. She is specialized in Radiology, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine and Multi-Specialty billing, and provides direction and oversight for all operational areas for the company and its clients. Joey graduated from Elmhurst College with a Degree in Science Specialty Nursing. Joey can be reached at 317-319-8359 or jcavanaugh@zotecpartners.com.
David J. Law
Chief Client Officer
David J. Law is Chief Client Officer of Zotec Partners. He is specialized in revenue cycle and practice management in all specialties the company services, responsible for the cultivation and development of Zotec’s client relationships. He also leads the business development and marketing strategies that direct company growth. David graduated from Butler University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. He is a member of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR). David also directs Zotec’s sponsorship of the Real Business Experience program at the Butler University School of Business. David can be reached at 317-512-0778 or dlaw@zotecpartners.com
Aimee Harvey, SPHR, MBA
Executive Vice President, People and Culture
Aimee Harvey, SPHR, MBA serves as the Executive Vice President, People and Culture with Zotec Partners. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and her experience encompasses the areas of management training and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits design, and more. A lifelong learner, Aimee holds an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, earned two Bachelor of Science degrees (Biology & Psychology) from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, and is currently studying Executive Leadership and Organizational Development through Brown University. Aimee can be reached at 317-805-4038 or aharvey@zotecpartners.com.
Dean T. Burger
Executive Vice President of Legal and Finance
Dean T. Burger is the Executive Vice President of Legal and Finance with Zotec Partners. Dean joined Zotec in 2008. He is specialized in accounting and financial services for the company. He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for ChaCha Search, Inc., a leading provider of answers on mobile devices, and Powerway, Inc., a provider of quality management software and services, primarily to the automotive industry. Dean can be reached at dburger@zotecpartners.com.
Mark Isenberg
Executive Vice President of Healthcare Advocacy
Mark Isenberg is an Executive Vice President of Healthcare Advocacy with Zotec Partners. Mark joined Zotec in 2001. Currently, he works with healthcare organizations and lobbyists to advocate on behalf of Zotec’s clients and physicians at large on matters related to public policy and healthcare legislation. Mark’s experience as a seasoned revenue cycle management professional, as well as his past experience as Special Assistant to former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith gives him insight to better assist organizations in charting congressional and regulatory strategies. Mark graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He is a member of the Radiology Business Management Association and serves on its federal affairs committee. Mark can be reached at 317-805-4610 or misenberg@zotecpartners.com.
Morten Bruhn
Client Success Officer
Morten Bruhn serves as Client Success Officer with Zotec Partners. With more than a decade of client relationship experience, Morten brings a clear vision and astute insight to prepare healthcare providers to prosper during business changes and economic challenges. He has spent most of his career leading market development and strategy for KPMG. He most recently led KPMG’s Ignition Center in Chicago where he drove impact, performance and external brand and reputation for the company. Morten can be reached at 206-618-5852 or mbruhn@zotecpartners.com.
Ned Campbell
Executive Vice President of Quality and Compliance
Ned Campbell is the Executive Vice President of Quality and Compliance with Zotec Partners. Ned has worked in the healthcare industry since 1991 and joined Zotec in 2009. He is specialized in operations quality, coding and billing compliance and information security, and serves on the Zotec Compliance and Security Committees. Ned’s commitment to continually strengthening our data security has made Zotec an industry leader in compliance, with certifications including SOC-1, SOC-2, PCI, and more. Ned graduated from Ball State University with a Degree in Accounting and has served in a variety of health care executive positions at Roche Diagnostics and TriMedx. Ned can be reached at 317-805-4108 or ncampbell@zotecpartners.com.
Rob McLaughlin
Chief Product Officer
Rob McLaughlin is the Chief Product Officer for Zotec Partners. Rob began his career at Eli Lily and Co where he managed clinical trial data collection and reporting systems. He went on to Tivoli Systems before Co-Founding Aprimo, a digital asset management and work management software company. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Economics and Computer Applications from the University of Notre Dame.