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Meet some of our clients who we are proud to serve.

Case Studies

“We have been incredibly impressed with how Zotec handled our implementation to their RCM system. We never once felt like we had to do it alone. Everyone at Zotec worked tirelessly to give us a seamless process from start to finish.”

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Dr. Bradley Strimling,
Board Secretary
Integrated Imaging Consultants

“Zotec’s implementation team was highly proactive, reliable, and process driven. They knew exactly what was needed to accomplish a complex integration and implement our business from day one.”

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Tina Elliott,
Practice Manager
Emergency Physicians of Indianapolis, PC

“Since they implemented their dynamic guarantor outreach, we have not only collected millions more in self-pay patient revenue that would have otherwise gone to bad debt, but we’ve also made our patients happier outside of the clinical setting.”

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Dave Walker,
Chief Revenue Officer
Radiology Associates of North Texas

“Zotec empowered our practice with unprecedented access to data and analytics that helped us grow our hospital support by leaps and bounds.”

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William E. Hauter, MD,
FASA Board Member
Associated Anesthesiologists, SC

“Since 2006, Zotec has gone above and beyond what’s required for our practice to be financially successful. They are a true RCM partner for our radiology business.”

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Troy Purcell,
Practice Administrator
Lake Medical Imaging

“Because of Zotec’s aggressive and progressive efforts, we have achieved some of the highest reimbursement levels in our company’s history.”

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Patrick Tibbles, MD,
President and CEO
Rapid City Emergency Medicine Services, P.A.

“The ability to have virtual, real-time access to our reports is huge for our business. Their data mining ability is outstanding, and when it comes to contract negotiations, it’s necessary. Our clients deserve the best care, and that’s where our focus and attention needs to be. Not worrying about back end functions is a huge benefit for not only our staff, but for our patients as well.”

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Andrew K. Satz, M.D.
Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC