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4 signs your company has an innovation-minded culture

Burnout is a topic that seems inextricably tied to our conversations around the workplace. We hear about it often in relation to the tech industry and startups; according to one survey, almost 60% of tech workers said they suffer from it.

But burnout is prevalent in countless other industries—consider the plight of healthcare workers over the past year. The Department of Health and Human Services just earmarked $103 million to address the problem. In an obvious way, this impacts direct patient care and clinical care. When burnout is high, innovation suffers.

How can burnout be addressed, then, and how can innovation be used to combat the fatigue that holds us back? It starts with intentionally building and maintaining a great culture. When employees have a shared perspective rooted in strong shared culture and a sense of belonging, their focus can be on creativity, problem-solving, and innovating.

By T. Scott Law Sr. – Zotec Partners, Founder & CEO

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