3 Top Ways to Build a Resilient Healthcare Organization in 2022

October 12, 2022

The nature of healthcare is continuing to evolve and change. While 2020 shook the industry to its core, the momentum and speed at which change is happening are beginning to slow during the second quarter of 2022. While there are benefits to this, that speed and agility are necessary to continue to make an organization that is adaptable and in alignment with the needs of the patients and staff. Striking the balance between change and refinement will be essential to creating a more resilient healthcare organization in 2022. Below, we discuss what shifts and changes can be made to support the patients and staff, and how your organization can benefit by continuing to grow and change to suit modern-day healthcare’s dynamic landscape.

1. Encouraging lifelong learning

Healthcare organizations can continue to focus on and encourage lifelong learning, placing special emphasis on the skills and needs of healthcare’s future. Holding informational seminars and training that focus on the patient-facing steps and processes that make their healthcare experiences, as well as learning about the inner workings of the tech and tools made available to them help to create a more comprehensive healthcare staffing experience. It also mitigates the risk of error or disengagement as your team works to take on new tasks and skills.

2. Pouring into employee engagement

Tech is key in healthcare but simply cannot replace a skilled healthcare staff member. Employee engagement is vital to an organization’s success, and there has been an ongoing crisis from 2020 onward against burnout and disengagement in healthcare. Management has to go beyond light incentive programs and bonuses, digging deeper and providing individual care to each team member for their physical and emotional wellbeing. As they advocate for the patient, organizations must also put staff advocacy programs and processes in place. This is the very first step to creating a culture that promotes engagement and honest growth.

3. Falling forward into new patterns of growth

This concept came from Zotec founder Scott T. Law — and continues to be a valuable lesson for offices and practices around the nation. Rather than policymaking in a reactionary way, healthcare organizations can choose to “go back to the basics” and rework their client-facing and operational processes from the ground up. Identifying and continuing to search for new opportunities to grow will help to ensure that you maintain relevancy, no matter where the future of health takes us.

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