Best of 2022: Data and Analytics

December 20, 2022

Data and analytics are at the heart of every organization, being the main driver for major decisions. These are our most popular resources from 2022, revolving around the data and analytics that are important to you.

How to Improve the Healthcare Payment Process Using Patient Demographic Data

Healthcare providers collect massive amounts of demographic data when treating their patients. In our blog, learn how that data can be used to improve the healthcare payment process, from targeted communications to payment preferences.

Securing Your Data at the Highest Level

For healthcare providers, having data online has made patient care easier as all providers can access and share information seamlessly. Patients also benefit through improved quality of care. However, the sheer volume of data being shared — personal, medical and financial — makes data security crucial.

Driving Business Decisions With Data

Data and analytics are at the heart of every healthcare organization, from deciding how to best contact patients to identifying ways to decrease bad debt and improve revenue. Our experts provide their insight on how they use data to drive decision-making in their everyday lives.

Why Data Transparency Is the Most Important Metric for Healthcare Providers Right Now

Healthcare providers consistently rank data transparency as one of the most critical aspects of the clinical and billing experience for patients. Tom Cavanaugh, VP of Product Management, shares insight with into ways providers can effectively optimize data usage to enhance the patient experience.

Why Interoperability Should No Longer Remain An Obstacle In Healthcare

Healthcare has long been burdened by interoperability issues preventing easy access to & sharing of important patient health data. It’s time to bridge the gap and create synergies for better healthcare experiences.

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