Best of 2022: Industry News

December 20, 2022

Throughout 2022, Zotec experts and thought leaders have been featured through various news media. Here are five of Zotec’s most read news articles from 2022, all with content that will stay relevant into the new year.

5 Key Leadership Principles for Driving Growth

“Business leadership that stands the test of time requires finding the right balance between benefiting clients, customers and team members. Most entrepreneurs have a growth mindset, but it takes integrity — doing what’s right every single time — paired with courageous action to get there.” – T. Scott Law. In this article, Scott Law breaks down how to encourage growth in your company.

How Healthcare Providers Can Use Benchmarking to Improve Performance

By taking industry metrics and using them for benchmarking, healthcare organizations can see if they’re accomplishing what they set out to do. In this Healthcare Business Today article, Joey Cavanaugh, COO at Zotec, provides three metrics leaders should focus on to improve performance and productivity.

4 Ways Technology Can Enhance Trust in Patient-Provider Relationships

The patient-provider relationship is the cornerstone of healthcare, and technology can help improve trust. Morten Bruhn, Zotec’s Client Success Officer, explains the several ways you can implement this in your organization.

With Physician Burnout Soaring, Healthcare Organizations Must Act

According to a 2022 Medscape survey, about 47% of physicians are reporting symptoms of burnout. In this article by HealthTech HotSpot, Aimee Harvey, EVP of People and Culture at Zotec, provides steps to prevent burnout and empower physicians.

How Healthcare Leaders Can Improve Patient Billing In The Face of Medical Debt

With rising inflation and the increase in cost of living, medical debt is causing both patients and providers stress. In this Electronic Health Reporter article, David Law, Chief Client Officer at Zotec, shares ways for healthcare leaders to comfort and help patients despite financial burdens.

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