Best of 2022: Patient Experience

December 20, 2022

Patient experience is pivotal to every healthcare organization. As we head into 2023, here are the top five articles from this year to help your organization build a seamless experience for patients.

How Healthcare Leaders Can Improve Patient Billing In The Face of Medical Debt

With rising inflation and the increase in cost of living, medical debt is causing both patients and provider’s stress. In this article, David Law, Chief Client Officer at Zotec, shares ways for healthcare leaders to comfort and help patients despite financial burdens.

Building a Patient Experience in Healthcare: Techniques and Strategies in 2022

As leaders of healthcare organizations, you work with patients through some of their most vulnerable moments. Understandably, your patient base will be assessing and conceptualizing a review or thought process for every interactive experience that they have from tech to staff member interaction. Read more about how to create a seamless patient experience.

How to Relieve the Pressure of High-Deductible Healthcare on Patients

Patient deductibles are likely to continue rising in the coming years, and healthcare providers will have to implement strategies to continue providing patients with the best possible care. Read more from Zotec COO Joey Cavanaugh.

Enhancing the Online Patient Financial Experience

A visit to the doctor can be stressful for a patient. Whether that stress stems from fear of a serious diagnosis or “white coat syndrome,” the patient experience can be negatively impacted simply because a visit is necessary. One step to help ease this stress is to give your patients a seamless and simple online experience, which will help with the overall patient experience.

Zotec Answers: What are New Approaches to Patient Experience that Radiology Practices can Take to Improve Collections?

Ron Jackson, Zotec’s NVP of Business Development, Radiology, knows what radiology practices need to improve their collections. In this podcast, he gives practices answers around new approaches when it comes to patient experience.

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