Best of 2022: Webinars

December 20, 2022

Throughout the year, Zotec has hosted webinars to help healthcare providers stay the course. As you look to the new year, here are five of Zotec’s most attended webinars from 2022. Fortunately, these remain relevant for 2023 and can help providers harness the new opportunities ahead.

Women in Healthcare: Building Inclusive Workplaces for All to Thrive

In healthcare, most providers and administrators at all levels are women—serving as a guiding light for other industries. In honor of Women’s History Month, we hosted a Zotec Shares Webinar to spotlight women’s essential perspectives in the workplace.

Cultivating Purposeful Partnerships with Facility Leaders and Frontline Teams

Partnerships between practices and facilities revolve around the individual relationships built at any level of healthcare. In our June Zotec Shares webinar, our experts share insights on creating trusting and positive relationships with facility leaders and frontline teams.

Overcoming the Impact of Increased Patient Responsibility

Zotec Partners hosted a Zotec Shares Webinar with a special guest panel titled Overcoming the Impact of Increased Patient Responsibility. Our panel graciously shared insights into effective methods to manage rising patient responsibility.

Mastering Contract Negotiations in Today’s Environment

Managing contract negotiations is one of the most significant processes for medical practices. Rightfully so, as the business of healthcare is at stake. Learn how today’s healthcare landscape has changed the contract negotiation process between providers and payers.

Driving Business Decisions With Data

Data and analytics are at the heart of every healthcare organization, from deciding how to best contact patients to identifying ways to decrease bad debt and improve revenue. Our experts provide their insight on how they use data to drive decision-making in their everyday lives.

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