Best of 2022: Wellness and Engagement

December 20, 2022

2022 has been a year full of various challenges. However, our mental well-being is often overlooked. These are our top resources of 2022 to focus on wellness in the new year.

Effective Healthcare Leadership: Reversing the Rising Burnout Rates

During the pandemic, we’ve seen burnout rates rise rapidly in the workplace. To combat this trend, we believe the best place to start is with great leadership. In this Zotec Shares, a special guest provides his tips and tricks to reverse burnout.

Hospitals are Bolstering Wages. Is it Sustainable?

Hospitals and health systems ramped up wages, provided hiring bonuses and offered new benefits to ensure they could staff beds. However, it left us with one question: Are these rising labor expenses sustainable?

The New Expectations For Employers

Expectations from employers and employees are rapidly changing. This has led to industry trends, such as the Great Resignation, and high levels of burnout. In our August Zotec Shares, our experts discuss ways to help align employer and employee expectations.

Zotec Answers: What Steps Can Healthcare Systems and Leaders Take to Focus on Wellness and Avoid Burnout?

Tom Hustead, CEO and Co-Founder of the Referent Group believes there are three things leaders can do to combat burnout and create teams that thrive together. Walk away motivated in this Zotec Answers podcast.

Navigating Healthcare Staffing Needs in a Post-Pandemic Reality

The workforce is changing – but the reasons behind this are deeper than getting used to our “new normal.” Employers are now challenged to create a mutually beneficial, engaging and tailored environment that caters to team members needs to find purpose and value in their work – while supporting individual flexibility and autonomy wherever possible. In this post, we’re exploring trends to watch for and adopt in the modern-day clinical setting, helping you to maximize retention and actively combat attrition and burnout.

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