Client Case Study: Client Services and Compliance: A Partnership that Paid Off for Tulsa X-Ray Laboratory

June 21, 2022

There’s power in partnerships, especially when Zotec’s team of client relationship managers and coding/compliance experts come together for our clients. It is especially important for clients who need direct support and education about a complex coding issue, to work with a coding expert firsthand.

For example, Andrew Bernard (Manager of Client Relationships) and Steve Gaughan (Vice President of Client Relationships) recently asked Stacey Hall (Senior Director of Corporate Coding) to assist Tulsa X-Ray Laboratory with a coding issue.

Stacey, who brings over two decades of experience in corporate coding and compliance, presented information to Tulsa’s shareholders about their top RFI returns and medical necessity denials.

“The group had more confidence about their documentation after Stacey’s presentation. They were all engaged in active discussions about how they document Moderate Sedation, CTAs, and of course MIPS Measure 360,” said Andrew.

By combining the efforts of our client managers and coding experts, Zotec is able to educate our clients to help them understand a complex issue.

Part of our core culture at Zotec is based on three pillars: Innovators, Collaborators & Doers. In this instance, Stacey, Andrew, and Steve were able to innovate and find the best way to serve our client. They were able to collaborate and work as a team to accomplish a goal. And they were able to do it all while focusing on the client’s needs.