Digital-First Healthcare Billing Strategies

May 12, 2022

The healthcare financial experience is set to become even more digital-first in 2022. This is done for the benefit of both patient and prover, taking advantage of advanced automation and technology to give everyone the most optimal experience possible. But this development leaves many with the question: What does this mean for the future of revenue cycle management?

Below, we discuss what digitalization in the healthcare financial experience could look like, and how you can benefit as both a provider and a patient in 2022.

What does digitalization in revenue cycle management look like?

Digitalization in the healthcare financial experience would look like higher use of automation across all platforms, and reliance on electronic records and payment processes for both providers and providers. There would be fewer incidences, if any, of manual billing and tracking processes. Making the transition takes time and investment, but the benefits are definitely worth it. Below are just a few of the benefits that you can enjoy with a more digitally-led approach to medical billing:

1. Increased patient engagement

Adopting a more multi-channel approach through digitalization techniques can increase your chance of patient engagement in the entire healthcare financial experience. As patients—like all consumers, have different communications preferences, you can use digitalization techniques and tools to create a resource for them that can facilitate information sharing and payment processing. It can also increase patient retention as they feel they have a more personalized experience where they can access their financial information anytime and anywhere they choose.

2. Automated patient outreach

Rather than rely on manual methods and risk an uneven distribution of attention and effort throughout your patient base, you can use digitalized medical billing techniques to automate your patient outreach system. This can help you to have an overall better experience, both from the patient side and the administrative side. Your team will spend less time on menial outreach tasks and calls and will have more time redirected to higher-level jobs. Patients can enjoy a wider variety of self-serve options and that offers choices above and beyond speaking with customer service representatives.

3. Improved patient satisfaction

The world is transitioning to be more digitally oriented. Your patients will be expecting the same of their medical office providers. By switching to a digitalized system, you can work to stay ahead of patient expectations and assist them in new and more anticipatory ways. You can also use your billing tool to automatically track payments, provide itemized billing summaries and account histories, and facilitate data assistance for your patients in seconds.

Digitalization is the future of healthcare. Zotec continues to lead the industry with patient-first and technology-optimized billing solutions for your healthcare organization. For more information, schedule a demo with us and see first-hand how to delight your patients during the entire healthcare financial experience.