Is Your Patient Experience on the Rocks? These Practices Might be to Blame

April 14, 2021

It takes just one problem or inconvenience to affect the patient’s experience at your practice.

Imagine going to the doctor for your annual checkup, and he or she pulls out files for a different patient, references medications you’re not taking, and starts discussing tests you’ve never had. A clinical mix-up like that would hurt your confidence in your physician and potentially even prompt you to find a new one.

Like the clinical experience, it takes just one problem or inconvenience to affect the patient financial experience. Frustrated patients often feel that any issue is their providers’ fault — even if it’s not. From a patient’s perspective, every part of the healthcare experience, from payments to scheduling to billing, is run by the provider. The behind-the-scenes reality of external partners and third-party technology stays behind the scenes, and patients base their experience on what they can see.

Further complicating things is the fact that outdated routines and procedures can hinder efforts to streamline the patient experience, resulting in more frustrations, lower quality of care, and potentially a loss of patient loyalty. Because of this, cultivating the patient experience is a commitment. Healthcare providers have to ensure the process is as seamless, accurate, and pleasant as possible — as consistently as possible.

By: T. Scott Law Sr. – Zotec Partners, Founder & CEO

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