Leading-Edge Financial Experiences for Radiology Practices and Their Patients

December 7, 2021

To thrive in 2022, today’s radiology practices must address bad debt and enhance reimbursement, while also enabling their patients to make payments with a more seamless and fulfilling bill care experience. They can achieve it with progressive technology solutions, data-driven tools, and industry-leading client support from Zotec. Using our powerful revenue cycle management resources, we help radiology practices achieve peak revenue optimization. Learn more about our approach in this Q&A featuring Ron Jackson, national vice president of radiology with Zotec Partners.

Q: What distinguishes Zotec Partners from other RCM providers?

A: Zotec has scalable technologies, passionate people, and cutting-edge methodologies that have continued to evolve for more than 20 years. We give radiologists the most progressive and innovative analytics solutions available, so they don’t have to wait on critical practice information like they would with legacy platforms or in-house solutions. Waiting weeks or months for actionable revenue insights can put radiologists at a disadvantage in an industry where proactive and real-time revenue cycle management is crucial. Our analytics platform also empowers radiology groups with intelligent, insightful, and intuitive data — not to mention its RCM processes fully adhere to SOC-1 and SOC-2 compliance. We are also leading the industry with multiple, unmatched payment options for radiology patients, providing them with more convenience in touchless transactions.

Q: How does Zotec Partners help radiology practices minimize bad debt?

A: We use multiple vectors of approach to help radiology practices minimize their bad debt. First, Zotec is revolutionizing payment choices and touchless payment options for patients with its Patient Bill Care™ solutions. Second, with our Z-Check solution, self-pay and unidentified patient denials can be successfully matched and paid using our master patient index. Finally, with Zotec’s machine-learning processes, radiology groups can optimize their revenue by holding claims that would have otherwise gone to bad debt, allowing them to reduce the deductible percentage of allowed and increase the payment percentage of allowed on every claim. This not only gives radiologists the money they are contractually obligated to receive, but it also gives their patients a more positive experience with reduced friction around their medical bills.

Q: Does Zotec Partners have any recent technology enhancements?

A: We made recent enhancements to our proprietary all-in-one data platform, the Comprehensive Zotec Analysis and Reporting System (CZAR). Using CZAR, radiologists can cut through the clutter, with at-a-glance, consumable, and actionable data that drives the financial experience. It allows them to seamlessly monitor revenue cycle, business performance, and practice management metrics to maximize output and outcomes, with total transparency and visibility into their business operations and patient bill care experiences. From detecting anomalies and uncovering trends, to predicting business achievement, and identifying growth areas — radiologists can do it all. With the latest enhancements, they are even more empowered with an optimal user experience, including improved performance with faster speeds and lower load times.

Q: How can radiologists learn more or get a technology demo?

A: To learn more about Zotec Partners, visit www.zotecpartners.com or contact me directly at rojackson@zotecpartners.com.