Increases Patient Satisfaction and Bill Pay for Providers

June 3, 2021

Patients Are Taking a More Active Approach to Healthcare

The Patient experience now goes beyond the doctor’s office. With the increase of deductibles and health care costs, Patients are taking a more active approach to their healthcare. They have a holistic experience expectation that starts when making their appointment and goes through to the time they pay their bill. This new competitive Patient market means Providers need to understand and adapt to their Patient’s overall needs and wants. Patients ask for transparency within the billing and insurance claims process to easily understand the costs of services and coverage details. More so, they want a convenient way to pay their bill that fits their schedule and budget.

MyDocBill Helps Provide a Seamless Patient Experience

Zotec Partners with healthcare Providers to deliver a seamless Patient experience that focuses on Patients’ needs and meeting them where they are. With our easy, interactive platform,, our Clients can provide their Patients the healthcare financial experience they want with up-front cost estimations, billing information and easy payment options. This platform also enables Patients with access to pay their bills, update insurance, edit their profile and view their account history in a matter of minutes, saving administrative work that adds time providers can use to care for Patients. With the variety of options and ease of use, Patients can pay their bills or create a payment plan. This convenience increases the likelihood of providers receiving timely payment for services, reducing bad debt and friction. provides a continuum of the Patient experience by offering a personalized communication from the provider to the Patient based on a preferred billing method of text or email statements once their claim has processed through insurance. Each provider’s practice has a specific URL identifier with identity verification and has their practice name/logo on it. utilizes best-practice encryption standards, so Clients have confidence that their Patients’ information is safe and secure. Without requiring Patients to create an account, the portal also makes it easy for Patients to access anytime, anywhere, and any way, increasing Patient satisfaction and usage.

Within the portal, Patients can view an itemized bill that provides a clear description of what services they received, insurance processing and payment, and their remaining balance. We understand that navigating medical bills can be overwhelming for Patients, so we provide additional Patient support with a real-time chat feature with live customer service agents during regular business hours.  

As an added benefit, can also provide Patients an estimate of the amount due at an appointment. By leveraging technology to calculate remaining deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, we use the information to provide the financial transparency Patients want prior to services.

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Our focus on Patient Bill Care experience allows healthcare providers to focus on clinical care. To explore what Zotec’s end-to-end revenue cycle and industry-changing Patient Bill Care™ solutions can do for your healthcare organization, visit us here.