MyDocBill Enhances the Patient Experience with Billing Transparency, and Convenience

May 5, 2021

Improve Patient Experience With MyDocBill

As an integral component of delivering quality health care, Patients highly value the overall experience when they seek and receive care. The complete Patient experience is much more positive with timely scheduling of appointments, easy access to information, good communication with health care providers, and easy bill payment options.

With the increase of deductibles and health care costs, Patients are taking a more active consumer approach to their health care. They want transparency within the billing and insurance claims process to easily understand the costs of services and coverage details. More so, they want a convenient way to pay their bill that fits their schedule and budget.

Zotec Partners delivers a seamless Patient experience that focuses on Patients’ needs and meeting them where they are. Our easy, interactive platform,, puts Patients at the center of their own healthcare financial experience with up-front cost estimations, billing information and easy payment options. The platform enables Patients with access to pay their bill, update insurance, edit their profile and view their account history in a matter of minutes.

How Does MyDocBill Work?

How does work? Based on personalized communication preference noted by healthcare providers, Patients receive their bill by text or email once their claim has processed through their insurance. After clicking on the secure link provided, Patients are taken directly to the page specific to their provider and log in using their birthdate to verify identity. MyDocBill utilizes best-practice encryption standards, so Patients know their information is safe. The portal doesn’t require Patients to create an account, making it easy to access anytime, anywhere, and any way.

Patients can view an itemized bill that provides a clear description of what services they received, insurance processing and payment, and their remaining balance. Understanding and navigating medical bills can be overwhelming. Patients with questions about their bill can engage in real-time with the chat feature or contact a representative during regular business hours for additional support.

With the convenience and variety of options, Patients can pay their bills or create a payment plan that works for their budget in just a few minutes. They can also immediately download a receipt of payment for their records. For Patients who want an estimate of the amount due at an appointment, we leverage technology to calculate remaining deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. We then use the information to provide financial transparency prior to services.

To continue striving to provide the best Patient experience, we encourage Patients to leave feedback on MyDocBill with each portal encounter.

Learn more about MyDocBill and how Zotec’s Patient Bill Care™ can transform your patient experience – contact us today for a demo.