Revenue Cycle Management: 5 Must Read Articles of 2021

December 23, 2021

With the new year, it’s time to hit the ground running with innovative revenue cycle management and dedicated practice management services. Here are the top five Zotec articles that healthcare providers found most useful to better understand and leverage revenue cycle and practice management solutions in 2021.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Healthcare Industry’s Covid-19 Response (Forbes)

The healthcare industry has been put to test during the pandemic, and despite the challenges a lot of innovation and collaboration has shone through. T. Scott Law, Zotec Founder and CEO, shares his experiences and what he’s learned over the past year.

5 Steps for Providers When Selecting a Healthcare Technology Vendor (HIT Consultant)

Healthcare providers must navigate a number of vendor relationships to be able to achieve the ultimate patient care. In this article, Zotec’s Chief Operating Officer Joey Cavanaugh assesses what providers must look at when reviewing vendor relationships and outlines a best practices list of recommendations.

4 Signs Your Company has an Innovation-Minded Culture (Fast Company)

The healthcare industry is known for being a field in which the hours are long, the conditions trying, and burnout commonplace. In this article, Zotec Founder and CEO T. Scott Law lays out key strategies to buck the burnout trend and develop a workplace culture to that inspires innovation.

How Providers Can Take Advantage of the Healthcare Analytics Boom (Electronic Health Record)

Data analytics tools used in healthcare are invaluable assets for providers looking for ways to improve the patient experience, as well as their own bottom lines. In this article Tom Cavanaugh, Zotec’s analytics leader outlines a list of best practices for providers trying to find their way in the new world of analytics.

How Touchless Transactions Have Transformed Healthcare Billing (HealthTech Hot Spot)

The COVID-19 pandemic made a substantial impact on how medical practices deliver care and how patients pay for care. In this article, Zotec’s SVP of Patient Experience Joe McMurray examines how providers can meet new consumer-driven expectations and makes recommendations for implementing contactless payments.

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