Tap Into the Power of Patient Loyalty with a Positive Financial Experience

September 8, 2023

The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, and new challenges arise every day, leaving healthcare executives scratching their heads on how to maximize revenue without compromising patient satisfaction. In the face of these challenges, healthcare providers need to find new ways to ensure their patients remain loyal and happy throughout their healthcare journey. One major aspect of patient satisfaction is the financial experience they have with their providers. Engaging patients in the financial process while balancing their satisfaction is undoubtedly a complex task. However, with Zotec’s Intelligent Guarantor Outreach, known as ZiGO (“Zee-Go”), healthcare providers can retain their patient loyalty while ensuring their revenue stream is optimized.

Zotec’s ZiGOis a game-changer because it utilizes dynamic, patient-focused approaches, observing patients’ unique behaviors from encountering a payment problem to making arrangements to pay their bills. ZiGO reduces wasteful processes and minimizes manual tasks by leveraging intelligent algorithms to customize each patient’s financial journey with their healthcare provider. This way, patients are treated uniquely in the process of clearing their financial obligations without having to face the inevitable frustrations that come along.

Using this advanced approach, executives can quickly identify underperforming payment periods, allowing them to adjust their processes and operations while remaining aligned with the financial goals of the healthcare. ZiGO also improves communication with patients through personalized reminders and notifications, which not only improves collection rates but also patient satisfaction. By design, Healthcare providers will observe that patients have an excellent overall experience; this increases the likelihood that they will pick them as their healthcare provider of choice for future healthcare needs.

Zotec’s approach is proven to be more effective than traditional collection agencies because it focuses on optimizing patients’ relationships with their healthcare providers while increasing their accountability to make payments. Often, healthcare collection processes are seen as adversarial between the patient and the provider. However, Zotec’s uses this friendly and helpful approach to hande the financial aspects of healthcare while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

ZiGO uses optimization technologies to continuously enhance and improve, ensuring that healthcare providers remain ahead of the competition with an innovative and unique patient experience. The use of intelligent algorithms and machine learning provides a 360-degree view of each unique patient, which allows your healthcare organization to identify and remove potential bottlenecks, optimize process flows, and most importantly, enhances staff productivity while reducing costs.

ZiGO provides benefits to both healthcare providers and patients. It improves the financial experience of patients, which translates to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Importantly, it delivers optimization technologies that provide healthcare executives with a 360-degree view of every patient’s financial journey, with valuable data on performance and process improvements. The healthcare industry must consider ZiGO as a significant player within revenue cycle management. Keeping an excellent financial experience for patients while maximizing revenue collection will ensure that patient loyalty continues to grow, leading to an expansion and long-term profitability for healthcare providers.

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