Top 5 Patient Engagement Articles of 2021

December 23, 2021

Reflecting as the year closes, there are many learnings, tips and tricks that have helped healthcare providers stay the course. As you look to the new year, here are five of Zotec’s favorite patient engagement articles from 2021. Fortunately, these remain relevant for 2022 and can help providers harness the new opportunities ahead.

The Keys to Unlocking Patient Satisfaction for a Smooth Revenue Cycle (Xtelligent Healthcare Media)

As patients owe more for out-of-pocket costs, it’s important that providers simplify and create meaningful financial experiences for patients. In Zotec’s eBook we share strategies to better understand patient needs, track satisfaction, and offer retail-like solutions to elevate patient bill care. 

To Improve the Patient Experience Providers Must Deliver on Digital Healthcare Tools (Healthcare Business Today)

The digital transformation has amounted to a shift toward data-driven healthcare — and making actionable the data that can be used to upgrade patient care. In this article, T. Scott Law, Zotec Founder and CEO, explores how providers can constantly refine tech processes to achieve the ultimate patient experience.

4 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Patient Interactions in 2021 (HealthTech Hot Spot)

In this article, Zotec Founder and CEO T. Scott Law discusses the prospect of machine learning tools as an option in solving the biggest stressors on clinicians’ time. The article concludes with takeaways into how machine learning can add more hours to a clinician’s day in the coming year.

Is Your Patient Experience on the Rocks? These Practices Might be to Blame (Medical Economics)

It takes just one problem or inconvenience to affect the patient’s experience at your practice. Read more here as Zotec’s Founder and CEO T. Scott Law shares four ways practices can proactively address outdated producers that deter from the patient experience.

How to Use Innovative Tech to Break Down Barriers Between Providers and Patients (Electronic Health Reporter)

We’re living in a world where consumers demand more from every transaction. In today’s world, technology exists to create a seamless experience for patients from registration to payment. Read this article for key steps from T. Scott Law, Zotec’s Founder and CEO, on how to reduce friction in revenue cycle.

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