What is Revenuology™?

June 4, 2020

If you’ve been following Zotec Partners lately, you’ve probably seen us mention Revenuology™. Maybe you’ve even read the tagline: The science behind getting you paid. Revenuology is a concept unique to the work we do here at Zotec. So, if you’re wondering what it’s all about, read on.

Trademarked by Zotec, Revenuology describes our data-driven capabilities that bolster our revenue cycle management (RCM) services.

Revenue – ology

Revenuology is a combination of the word “revenue” (which is, of course, what we manage) and the suffix “ology” (which denotes a field of study). It refers to our next-generation data algorithms and metrics, literally the science behind our advanced revenue cycle management services. Revenuologists™ are the Zotec employees behind the scenes who guarantee our clients get paid fairly and accurately. A Revenulolgist could be anyone from a data scientist to a call center specialist or a coding analyst.

We mine data from every touchpoint of the revenue cycle — from patients, to providers, to insurance companies. Compiling and analyzing this data yields proprietary Revenuology insights that we use to help your health care organization in dynamic ways. 

Improving RCM with Revenuology

What’s the likelihood that claims will get denied? That your patients will pay their bills? Revenuology can help quantify your organization’s propensities — the propensity for carrier denial, for patient payment, and more. It can also seamlessly connect your electronic medical records and practice management investments, yielding clean bills that include all necessary data.

With Revenuology, physicians can concentrate on patient care without worrying about clinical data exchanges between acute and ambulatory environments. Zotec’s advanced RCM covers all of that. At the same time, we give health care organizations the flexibility to eliminate disparate systems and, if you so choose, keep some existing revenue cycle processes in place.

To learn more about how Revenuology can change your health care organization’s revenue cycle management for the better, please read Ten Considerations to Improve Your RCM Experience .