Zotec Partners Deepens Data Solutions to Help Healthcare Providers Optimize Business Performance

October 28, 2021

Analytics Platform Empowers Physician Groups, Making Intelligent, Data-Backed Decisions

CARMEL, IN – Oct. 28, 2021  Zotec Partners (Zotec), a leader in technology-enabled and data-driven healthcare revenue cycle solutions to optimize patient and provider financial experiences, reimagines analytics platform to empower physician groups with intelligent, insightful and intuitive data. With recent enhancements to Zotec’s proprietary data platform,  Comprehensive Zotec Analysis and Reporting System (CZAR), healthcare providers can seamlessly monitor revenue cycle, business performance, and practice management metrics to maximize output and outcomes.

“Data is powerful, and it can be a transformational tool for business success—that’s why we’ve invested heavily in this area and continue to enhance our CZAR platform, providing our clients with the most progressive and innovative analytics solution available,” said T. Scott Law, founder and CEO of Zotec Partners. “With Zotec’s continued investment into technology, we’re helping healthcare providers cut through the clutter, with at-a-glance, consumable and actionable data driving the financial experience.”

The CZAR platform gives healthcare providers total transparency and visibility into their business operations and patient bill care experiences. The all-in-one platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect anomalies, uncover trends, predict business achievement, and identify growth areas. The latest enhancements empower healthcare providers with an optimal user experience, including an improved performance with faster speeds and lower load times.

“Having access to data isn’t enough for providers. Zotec is completely committed to giving our clients an exceptional experience where they know how to use the data at their fingertips, adapting operations for opportunities,” said Morten Bruhn, client success officer for Zotec Partners. “From clinician to administrator, we’ve developed a robust platform that is intuitive for a user at any permission or experience-level.”

The powerful data displayed in the CZAR platform is enhanced by the intuitive design that creates optimal user experiences. Each user can configure their data visualization tools to show the information that matters most to them. Users can also customize their communication preferences to be informed and participate in a personalized level they choose.

“We listen intently to our clients across the country and respond by implementing the solutions and resources to reach and exceed key performance indicators,” said Bruhn. “In addition to collaborating closely with a dedicated client relationship team member, Zotec enables healthcare providers with an extra resource—a business analyst who is connected to the business objectives, helping to examine opportunities and identify friction points.”

Zotec empowers healthcare providers with the people, processes, and technology solutions to optimize business performance and navigate the complexities of the industry. For more details on Zotec’s end-to-end RCM and Patient Bill Care™ solutions, visit zotecpartners.com.