Zotec Powers Hoosier Vaccines ‘Behind the Scenes’

April 29, 2021

Inside Indiana Business

CARMEL – More than 4 million COVID-19 vaccinations have been scheduled in Indiana, with the number ticking higher by the hour. The mind-boggling amount of information that must be coordinated to orchestrate an effort unlike any before is in the hands of—perhaps somewhat surprisingly—a medical billing company. The billing backbone of 120 million medical encounters in the U.S. each year, Carmel-based Zotec Partners says “it really wasn’t a stretch for us to be involved” when the state needed to coordinate the messiest logistical medical undertaking in Indiana history.

As the largest privately-held revenue cycle management (RCM) company for healthcare providers and patients in the U.S., Zotec specializes in what is “not necessarily a sexy part of the healthcare process, but very complicated,” says founder and Chief Executive Officer Scott Law.

“We know the data elements, we know what HIPAA is and we know the regulations and requirements. We know how to communicate with different systems, because we have to file claims, deal with medical record systems, as well as registration and appointment-scheduling systems,” says Law. “We have an inherent knowledge in this business and experience; we wanted to bring it to bear, so that the state has one solution, rather than having to deal with every [system]. All the different health systems in Indiana have different medical record systems, and the state would’ve had to build a whole marketplace for all of those systems, and we built it for them.”

By: Kyle Veleta, Business of Health Reporter & Special Projects Editor at Inside Indiana Business

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