A Hearty Thank You From the Zotec Political Action Committee – A Recap of 2023

December 7, 2023

The ZPAC team wants to thank you for your advocacy in 2023 and beyond. As we approach the end of the year, the business of healthcare continues to face significant challenges and with over 5,500 dedicated advocates. We continue to make an impact on critical legislation. Your advocacy has made a significant difference in the policy that continues to shape how healthcare is delivered.

To date, our advocates have made over 41,836 legislative connections, showcasing the strength of our network in influencing legislative change and preserving patients’ access to care. Your engagement extended to 1,840 visits to our Civic Action Center, demonstrating a commitment to staying informed about your lawmakers and taking meaningful action on critical issues.

We believe in the power of information. With 1,595 downloads, our Zotec Answers podcast has been a crucial resource in disseminating updates on legislative and regulatory issues such as the No Surprises Act and the ever-present physician shortage. A special thanks to the 998 individuals who opted in to receive text updates – your commitment to staying informed is invaluable.

Together, we are making a difference in healthcare policy, and the business of healthcare. However, many critical legislative issues continue into 2024, and your advocacy is needed now more than ever. As we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, we encourage you to join our advocacy network to let your voice be heard.  It’s easy! Just text ZOTEC to 50457.

Medicare’s Draconian Cuts:

Despite the absence of year-end legislation in Congress addressing the 3.37% cut to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, our advocates have laid the groundwork for future action. The Jan. 19, 2024, government funding deadline presents an opportunity for retroactive adjustments, and your continued support will be crucial.

No Surprises Act Failed Implementation Fallout:

Our ongoing efforts to communicate changes, updates, and rulings have been essential in navigating the challenging implementation of the No Surprises Act. Your engagement has been pivotal in addressing financial and administrative burdens and advocating for fair reimbursement rates.

Healthcare Debt Mitigation:

The positive impact of healthcare debt mitigation measures, such as the removal of medical debt from credit reports, is evident. However, the administrative burden on physicians persists. Your advocacy will be instrumental as we continue to work towards comprehensive solutions that benefit both consumers and healthcare providers.

Physician Shortage:

The looming physician shortage is a complex issue exacerbated by the aging boomer population and the push for high-deductible health plans. Your support in advocating for solutions to address this shortage and alleviate collection issues is essential in securing a sustainable healthcare future.

Thank you again for making ZPAC’s 2023 a successful year for advocacy!

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