ZPAC Advocacy – Protecting the Business of Healthcare

March 13, 2024

Zotec Partners is more dedicated than ever to protecting the business of healthcare. To date, we have had over 6,800 advocates send over 40,000 emails to lawmakers on legislative issues that impact our clients nationwide. Our top priorities and legislative issues for 2024 are detailed below, including Medicare and Medicaid cuts, fallout from the No Surprises Act, and the ongoing physician shortage. Learn more about ZPAC’s advocacy in this article.

Top Priorities and Legislative Issues for 2024

#1 – Medicare & Medicaid’s Draconian Cuts

For the first time in years, there was no year-end legislation in Congress to address the drastic 3.4% cut to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. At the time of publication, there still has not been a solution for these cuts. In February 2024, we created a call to action, demanding that Congress act to reverse the 3.4% cut, and in one week, approximately 3,000 messages were sent to lawmakers all over the country. For more information, check out a recent Zotec Answers podcast episode.

#2 – No Surprises Act Fallout 

Our team works diligently to create clear communications regarding every change, update, and ruling that has taken and we are here to guide physicians through the entire implementation process. For more information, check out a recent Zotec Answers podcast episode.

#3 – Physician Shortage

There is an ongoing physician shortage projected to reach about 48,000 primary care physicians and 77,100 non-primary care physicians by 2034. To learn more about all the challenges facing physicians, check out this article.

Benefit of Advocacy Partnerships

Our focus is on leveraging our professional connections with lawmakers, policymakers, and regulators for the benefit of our clients. We recently collaborated with our Provider Enrollment team to address issues with multi-factor authentication, removing roadblocks and getting physicians credentialed efficiently.

Get Involved in Protecting the Business of Healthcare

We have a new look and a new grassroots platform. Now it is easier than ever for your voice to be heard.  You can take action on important legislation and contact your members of Congress in seconds.

  • Sign up for Alerts – You can sign up by texting ZOTEC to 50457.
  • Take Action – Once you sign up it takes 30 seconds to contact lawmakers.
  • Read our Blog – Stay informed on the issues that impact your business.
  • Review our Advocacy Resources – Easily search through hundreds of advocacy resources on the topics you care most about.
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  • GOTV – The 2024 Election is heating up and we have the resources you need to:
    • Check your voter registration
    • Review your candidates
    • Find your polling location