ZPAC Advocacy Update – Protecting the Business of Healthcare

June 5, 2024


We are less than five months away from the 2024 general elections.  The results will directly impact the business of healthcare, patients, and providers everywhere. To protect the business of healthcare and ensure accessible care for all patients, voting is essential.

  • Access voting resources, including polling place locators and candidate information, enter your zipcode into our Election Center
  • On the go? You can access our Election Center by texting ZPVote to 50457.

Navigating Policy and Regulation

Zotec Partners is a member of both the Republican and Democratic Governors Associations. As the summer meetings for both associations approach, we are dedicated to fostering discussions and developing solutions for the critical issues facing our clients and protect the business of healthcare. Our bipartisan involvement has established a robust, nationwide network, enabling us to promptly address urgent issues faced by our clients.
We use technology to help our clients navigate legislation and regulation at both the state and federal levels. We provide comprehensive legislative intelligence to the Radiology Patient Action Network (RPAN), part of the Radiology Business Management Assocation (RBMA). 

Zotec Answers Podcast

In the two most recent Zotec Answers podcast episodes, Ed Gaines and Mark Isenberg explore the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) final rule on noncompete agreements and the critical healthcare issues that voters must consider before casting their ballot this year.
In this podcast series, experts at Zotec answer key questions around healthcare revenue cycle management, patient experience, business strategy, financial advice, and more. Tune in today to get the answers you seek!
Do you have any questions that need to be addressed? Are there specific topics you would like more information on? Please contact us, at advocacyupdates@zotecpartners.com and we will make every effort to provide the answers you need!

EDPMA Lobby Day

EDPMA members took to the Hill in May to advocate for emergency medicine. Members met with legislative staffers to discuss the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS), enforcement of the No Surprises Act and urge for the reauthorization of the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act.

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