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Road to Recovery: Hoosier Companies Provide Big Boost

By Rebecca Patrick, VP of PR and Communications for Indiana Chamber of Commerce

IN Chamber of Commerce BizVoice Magazine

The last year-plus hasn’t been easy for anyone. But through it all, a sense of pride has emerged.

It’s not only in how we have collectively pulled together but for the innovative and dedicated employees and companies located right here in Indiana. First, I was the manufacturing of personal protective equipment and other safety products. Now (and then), it is the big “shot in the arm” from the all-important medical interventions.

For one, Eli Lilly and Company’s Bamlanivimab antibody therapeutic medicine has stopped the progression of COVID-19 around the globe.

There are numerous others. The three examples below run the gamut of responsibility – from testing and trials to vaccine registration and the life-saving immunizations themselves.

… Taking the medical encounters people have and turning them into cash for physicians across the country is the core business of Carmel-based Zotec Partners.”

“We are in that revenue cycle space – from the acquisition of the client or the schedule of demographic information and the insurance information that w have to file to then what the physician did for that particular patient,” explains founder and CEO Scott Law.

“We then bill the insurance and manage all the co-pay and collection of the money for the physician client.”

Early on in the pandemic, Zotec was having internal discussions about how what the company does could play a role.

“Was there a machine learning or artificial intelligence kind of program that we could write to kind of predict where the hotspots were? Or when patients had a chest x-ray, for example, if there was some way for us to (at the same time) pick up the signal of the COVID virus,” Law recounts.

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