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To Improve the Patient Experience, Providers Must Deliver on Digital Healthcare Tools

By T. Scott Law Sr. – Zotec Partners, Founder & CEO

Healthcare clinicians have noticeably been fast adopters of new technology in recent years, ushering in the latest in telemedicine solutions, wearable medical devices, predictive analytics, and other advances in a precise and effective manner. Meanwhile, healthcare administrators have been understandably slower to transform due to stringent compliance and regulatory challenges.

In some cases, patients are also reluctant to embrace new technology in healthcare. One survey found that AI is catching on, but patients value a balanced approach that synthesizes technology and human connection in their clinical care and billing.

But times are changing, and the era of digital transformation in healthcare arrives with a hearty dose of personal interaction. According to the “Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2021” report, 81% of healthcare executives surveyed indicated the pace of digital transformation was increasing in their organizations. These findings come at a time when patients desire a more retail-like experience from their providers. These expectations — paired with other technological advances — are driving phenomenal enhancements in the overall patient financial experience.