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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Healthcare Industry’s Covid-19 Response

The healthcare industry was put to the test last year due to the pandemic, and a lot of innovation shone through—from new drugs and medical devices to supply-chain breakthroughs and better collaboration processes. Business leaders from all areas of the industry found new ways to accelerate growth to support the common good and generate critical revenue….

In a retrospective endeavor, I connected with half a dozen business leaders and entrepreneurs in the healthcare space to see what they learned and experienced over the past year:

1. T. Scott Law Sr., Founder and CEO at Zotec Partners

As Covid-19 crashed down, Zotec Partners reacted quickly and leveraged its revenue cycle management technology to build a multifaceted solution to manage testing and vaccinations across the state of Indiana. To date, this solution has facilitated more than 500,000 tests and over 1.1 million vaccines—creating a seamless patient experience, automating processes for providers, and delivering custom dashboards to track Covid’s spread and vaccine deployment.

“This experience has been an exercise in perseverance, and until the need no longer exists, we’ll continue to deploy innovative solutions to meet the current healthcare challenges,” Law said. “Relationships matter. Zotec values personal connections, and only because of this were we able to engineer so many impactful solutions. When it comes to business, people choose people, and that’s what makes a difference in times of crisis or calm.”

By Rhett Power, Contributor at Forbes

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