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Zotec Partners and Law Family Launch New Prison Training Initiative for Indiana Inmates in Conjunction with Governor Eric J. Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Zotec Partners (Zotec), the industry leader in physician billing and practice management services, in conjunction with Zotec’s Founder and CEO, T. Scott Law, as well as the Law family, are pleased to announce their commitment to The Last Mile, a business and technology training program for incarcerated individuals, that will soon launch at the Indiana Women’s Prison with the support of Governor Eric J. Holcomb, a proponent of criminal justice reform in the state of Indiana.

“With about 27,000 adults in our state’s prison system, we have a tremendous opportunity to help those Hoosiers gain skills that will earn them a life-changing career upon release,” Gov. Holcomb said. “The Last Mile is an innovative, successful program we’ll put to work at the Indiana Women’s Prison to transform individual lives and fill high-demand jobs in our state’s growing tech sector. We’re excited to partner with Chris Redlitz of The Last Mile to launch this program here in Indiana, and we’re grateful for the support of Zotec Partners and Law family.”

The Last Mile is a non-profit organization created to provide marketable skills for inmates that lead to employment after re-entry. The in-and-out program provides technical career training in prison with mentorship and job placement upon release. The support of Zotec, the Law family, and Governor Holcomb illustrates a commitment to Indiana’s growing tech community with an in-demand workforce as well as a vital step toward ending recidivism.

“We are excited to bring The Last Mile to Indiana to support Governor Holcomb’s criminal justice reform initiative, improve prison education, and reduce recidivism,” said Chris Redlitz, co-founder of The Last Mile. “We are grateful to Zotec and the Law family for underwriting our expansion efforts in Indiana.”

Zotec’s Founder and CEO, T. Scott Law, remarks, “It was an honor to be a part of the initial vetting and funding process for The Last Mile and to introduce this program to the Governor.” Law thanks his son, Cory Law, for initially spearheading the Law family’s investment in the program, noting, “The issue of recidivism and lack of technical job candidates is very apparent across the country, so I was beyond excited when Cory introduced us to The Last Mile and ways we could fund this initiative. From our perspective it provides inmates an opportunity to develop a much needed skillset and helps position Indianapolis as a leader in the national technology scene.” Law goes on to say the program not only addresses the issue head on, but also sparks growth in a new technology workforce that Zotec and the rest of the Indiana Tech community are very excited to tap into. “We applaud Governor Holcomb and his team for acting so quickly on this worthwhile initiative,” he adds.


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