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Zotec Partners Selected to Transform the Healthcare Financial Experience in New Walmart Health Center

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Zotec Partners (Zotec), one of the largest, privately-held revenue cycle management (RCM) providers in the country, today announces its end-to-end RCM technology and services relationship with Walmart Health to simplify healthcare processes and provide its customers with more access and control over their healthcare experiences, including primary care, dental, vision, and mental health services. Zotec’s services and solutions will empower Walmart Health customers, providing them unprecedented control over the healthcare interaction, putting them at the center of a connected experience from pre-registration to encounter to post-discharge, including simple appointment scheduling, real-time eligibility, and price transparency.

“Today, we are seeing a newfound reality of patient financial responsibility in healthcare that is daunting and challenging to navigate.This shift has moved the patient to the forefront, warranting Walmart Health’s bold move to offer accessibility and affordability to customers and put them at the center of their own healthcare experience,” said T. Scott Law, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zotec Partners. “With Zotec’s deep knowledge of integrating various healthcare organizations, paired with Walmart Health’s mindset, we will help change the way healthcare is delivered, allowing customers to make fully-informed decisions with confidence and reduce the financial friction currently in the healthcare experience.”

For two decades Zotec has focused on delivering innovation that eases financial complexities for providers. With this program, Zotec will provide technology solutions and RCM services that connect patients to Walmart Health, as well as multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms and payer organizations.

“With Zotec’s easy-to-use solutions, built around decades of industry expertise with financial interactions, we are able to streamline the entire medical encounter for our customers, offering them easy scheduling, simple one-time registration and options to pay – a true connected experience, contributing to the delivery of our commitment to customers to offer affordable, transparent pricing for key health services,” said Phil Suiter, Walmart’s Chief Wellness Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations.

Specifically, Zotec’s technology will enable Walmart Health patients to schedule and register for appointments ahead of time, confirm or change insurance and demographic information, see estimated cost for services, receive text and email updates, efficiently check in and out, and make payments at the time of service all on their computer or mobile device. For providers, the technology will instantly alert them when patients arrive, while seamlessly integrating the registration components with the EMR to document the encounter and price before they leave.

Beyond this latest partnership, Zotec’s services and technologies have the potential to disrupt healthcare by bringing consumer and retail-based experiences to patients everywhere, while enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties to enjoy increased patient interaction and satisfaction, as well as simpler processes throughout the healthcare business interaction.

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About Zotec Partners

Since 1998, Zotec Partners has developed and deployed solutions and services for healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties with proprietary technology, people-centric service, and measurable results. An innovator in the business of healthcare, Zotec delivers financial and patient experience solutions to providers that transform their healthcare business relationships and simplify some of the most complex processes in healthcare. Today, Zotec manages more than 80 million medical encounters annually, and counting, and is the chosen partner for thousands of providers across the nation, improving the lives and relationships of patients and providers through intuitive interfaces, revenue cycle processes, deep analytics, clear price transparency, actionable reporting, and intrinsic interoperability.