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Zotec Shares: Lessons on Leading Through Crucial Conditions

On October 28, 2021, Zotec Partners hosted a Zotec Shares Webinar in collaboration with Lou Holtz and Chris Herzog titled Lessons on Leading Through Crucial Conditions.  

Both Lou Holtz, Zotec’s VP of Team, and Chris Herzog, Chief Operating Officer at Atlantic Medical Group, have had illustrious and successful careers in their respective fields. In the years of experience they have accumulated, they have been met with their fair share of challenges and difficult situations.

In our Zotec Shares Webinar, they graciously share insights into great leadership through crucial conditions, especially considering our collective experience navigating Covid. Read below for some top leadership lessons from our panel discussion: 

Chris, can you describe the challenges your team faced early on during the pandemic?

The early days of the pandemic were a time of incredible uncertainty, disruption and transformation. We had to innovate new ways to bring care to our patients and manage professional hurdles. However, we kept our goals the same and while we reconsidered every aspect of how we operate we leaned on the incredible collaboration and dedication of our Team Members and partners.  

Lou, you’ve been in a lot of high-pressure situations and crucial conditions, as an army officer, father, coach, and business advisor, how do you keep your cool?

Ask yourself what, if anything, is worth jeopardizing because of your reaction to the situation and act accordingly. Evaluate where you are now, what went wrong, and remember the word W.I.N. – “What’s Important Now.”

Chris, how did you and AMG support your providers?

We simplified our goals to support our physician and provider teams in any and every way that we could. We prioritized communication with our teams to make sure they were empowered, heard, and our leaders were informed enough to make decisions.

Lou, you’re one of the most successful college coaches of all times. However, there were times your team was the underdog and came back for the win. What made this possible?

Take a complicated situation and simplify it when things aren’t going well. Breaking down what feels like an insurmountable task makes it feel possible to come back from adversity.

Chris, when you were at your lowest feeling like things were seemingly impossible, what behaviors drove AMG to persist?

Our organizational culture was the differentiating factor amid the pandemic. We benefit from so many engaged, compassionate, and thoughtful leaders who show authentic caring for each other’s wellbeing

Lou, what’s the best way to engage and energize a team that feels defeated and worn down?

When things aren’t going well leadership must step forward. Learn the value of culture, have faith in it, and start encouraging each other to stand for it.

Chris, how did caring for your staff ultimately support your patients in need?

We prioritized supporting each other, being open and vulnerable in communications, and acknowledging that there was a lot of uncertainty and things we didn’t know. It was also important for us to try and keep things light and make each other laugh to get through some difficult times.

Lou, how did you show your teams and your fans that you cared for them—their wellbeing, happiness, and success?

There has to be love and genuine care for each other. The best way to do this is by having and maintaining high standards.

Chris, what lessons have you learned through these past 19 months that will stick with you and your team?

Communication and holding each other accountable have been important lessons. I have also been overwhelmed to think about how much I respect and admire our team and our capacity to fully care for each other.

Lou, how did you unify your team when internal strife broke out?

Remember the goal and what you’re trying to get done. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands that we all have obligations to help each other succeed.

Chris, how has this experience with crucial conditions changed your operations for the better?

The great opportunity that crises bring is to innovate and think of new things. We had the chance to really leverage technology and kickstart the initiative to bring it to our patients.

Chris, can you summarize the top advice you have for other healthcare leaders working in the same crucial conditions?

You can’t over-support or over-recognize your team. Making the team feel loved and empowered is always important.

To hear more in-depth insight from Lou and Chris on crucial conditions, watch a recording of the live webinar here. 

Don’t forget to look out for our upcoming Zotec Shares webinars where we will spotlight insight, guidance, and unique perspectives about the healthcare industry’s most timely business, policy, and technology matters.