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2022 Might Look Uncertain. Here’s How To Set Yourself And Your Team Up For Success In The New Year

By Rhett Powers, Forbes Contributor

I know we’re all tired of hearing about the uncertain times we’re living in. The “new normal” still doesn’t feel normal—and, at this point, it’s not quite “new,” either. But we keep talking and writing about these unprecedented times because we need to do more than simply find a way through. All in all, we need to find ways to grow and thrive and work to make things better than they were before.

As 2021 fades and we move into 2022, we might find ourselves needing to put even more effort into adapting and overcoming. There is no longer that sense of urgency driving the rapid adoption of altered workflows, technologies, and customer interactions that permeated 2020. Regardless, we must continue to drive and embrace change. Many companies have successfully navigated this time and found better ways to reach customers and make products. I spoke with six leaders about their experience shepherding companies through the changes and upheavals of 2021 and their predictions for how companies can thrive in 2022 and beyond:

1. Falling forward: T. Scott Law, founder and CEO of Zotec Partners

The past year has certainly been strange, but the disruption can provide an opportunity to go back to the basics. T. Scott Law, founder and CEO of healthcare revenue-management company Zotec Partners, says: “2021 has been a year of anomaly after anomaly. In medical terms, an anomaly is a mystery to be understood and overcome. Medical professionals don’t back away from these instances—they dig in and accept the challenge to care for and cure their patients.”

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