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Indiana-based company behind vaccine sign-up technology, inventory

ABC 57 - TSL Interview

By Brenda Koopsen, ABC 57 Reporter

Millions of Americans have rolled up their sleeves to get the vaccine, but appointments are still needed.

The system scheduling and keeping track of vaccine appointments has a lot to juggle and Hoosiers depend on its success.

“When we first started, they were all paper,” CEO and Founder of Zotec Partners T. Scott Law said. “They were having people fill out forms, much like if you go to a doctor’s office, you fill out the form, they try to match the test and the big problem with the testing was how do you make that test actually get to the lab, make sure it’s for that right patient and then tell the patient whether they’re positive or negative.”

Scott Law is leading the charge for Zotec Partners, the Indiana-based company facilitating technology for vaccine sign-ups, inventory and certification for the Hoosier state.

The Zotec system is used for more than 1,400 state and local health department sites, in addition to Walmart.

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