Focuses on Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience

March 9, 2022

Convenient, transparent, secure. These are just a few words that describe what Patients want when paying medical bills. With deductibles having more than tripled in the last decade, Patients have become increasingly active in their approach to healthcare consumerism.

One in three Americans believe providers can do more to improve the patient billing and payment process to relieve their frustrations. Patients want out-of-pocket cost estimates, leading to flexible payment options and greater bill clarity. By enabling patients to log into online portals and pay bills at their convenience, providers empower individuals to take responsibility for their healthcare costs.

Patients want to be confident about their healthcare financial experience but understanding and knowing how to pay medical bills can feel confusing. Zotec’s MyDocBill online portal allows Patients to easily navigate this process. By taking an omnichannel approach, we help Patients by answering any questions they might have via voice, chat or email.

MyDocBill puts Patients in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare financial experience. In a matter of minutes, Patients can edit their profiles, update insurance information, view their account history, and pay their bills all from their mobile devices. MyDocBill’s personalization eases the stress of Patients, as they take care of all their billing needs from the comfort of their choice – anywhere, anytime, and any way.

How does it work? Once a Patient’s claim has been processed, their bill will be sent to them either by text or email. Next, Patients will click on the secure link and go directly to their MyDocBill page specific to their provider. Lastly, Patients will securely log in using their birth date. Gone are the days of remembering complicated usernames and passwords that are very seldomly used.  MyDocBill utilizes best-practice encryption standards, so Patients know their personal health information is safe and secure.

Patients have been raving about how simple the MyDocBill application is to use. One Patient recently said, “This system is so much more convenient and easy than any other bill payment I have used before. The text allowed me to get right to paying immediately without a bunch of log-in steps or other information. It makes it so fast and simple, and I hope more facilities use this service!”

MyDocBill offers the ultimate Patient experience by being easy, quick, and convenient. Contact us at for more information on MyDocBill or visit to find the RCM and Patient experience solution that’s right for your unique healthcare practice.